Ad Networks & Publishers

An Ad Network 

can put your e-business in front of targeted audiences already interested in your products.

There are many ad networks and various advertising methods publishers and advertisers can use (there were more than 200 ad networks operating in 2008).  The AdClix objective is to provide you with the information required for both web publishers and advertisers to find out how and where best to monetize your websites.

Here are some of the key advantages that ad networks have…

Reach Almost all network purchase options are less expensive than buying directly.
Targeting Easy-to-reach vertical targets, networks typically provide more options.
Optimization Many networks have sophisticated algorithms that will optimize your ads over time.
Ad Formats Networks will generally offer you more ad format choices to accommodate your strategies.
Analytics Most networks will provide you with sophisticated reporting, analytics, and tools.
Cost Most network purchase options such as CPM and CPA are less expensive than buying directly.
Payment Many network operators will offer opportunities to pay based on CPM, CPC, or CPA.


CPM?  Cost per Mille

is the online payment model by which advertisers pay for every 1000 impressions of their advertisement. This method means that an advertiser pays a certain amount for every time their banner is displayed, and so is often used for branding purposes. The ‘M’ in CPM is from the Roman numeral for 1000, which was derived from the latin word ‘mille’.

CPM?  Effective Cost per Mille (eCPM)

is the average (mean) cost of 1000 impressions, taking into account CPA, CPC, and CPM campaigns. This is the best way for publishers to determine which campaigns are performing best in their rotation.

CTR?  Click Through Rate

is the percentage of impressions that resulted in a click through. It is calculated by dividing the number of clicks by the number of impressions to determine the average  CTR.

CPA?  Cost per Action

is one of the online payment models by which advertisers pay for every action completed as a result of a visitor clicking on their advertisement, creating a sale or a registration. The publisher is normally either paid a set fee per action, or gets a percentage of the sale (typically 5% to 25%).

 CPS?  Cost per Sale 

is a form of CPA advertising in which advertisers only pay for each actual sale generated as a result of an advertisement. Payouts range from set fees to a percentage of the sale, and the length of time that a user buying a product after clicking on a publisher’s advertisement varies from that session to 30 days (using of a cookie).

CPC?  Cost per Click

is the payment model by which advertisers pay for each ‘click through’ made on their advertisement. This method gaurantees advertisers will get a user to see their page or website as a result of an advertisement.

CPL?  Cost per lead

is a form of CPA advertising in which advertisers only pay for each actual lead or customer inquiry as a result of an advertisement. This is also known as Cost per Inquiry.

ROI?  Return on investment

is the process used to determine whether the financial benefits from an expenditure, such as a advertising campaign, are above or below the amount of money spent on the campaign.

RON?  Run of Network

means an advertisement will appear on any site that is part of an advertising network. As RON buys are not targeted, they tend to be the least expensive type of advertisement that can be purchased.

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